About Us

Forefront Industries Pty Ltd was first started in 2004 selling japanese car parts as "Import Auto Parts".

At first we specialised in offering known parts for a good price, but then branched out into designing new innovative products that ended up changing the industry.

Super Spark was the first company in the world to offer competition to the performance ignition coil industry for japanese cars which dramatically changed the price and range of what was on offer. We have released a few world firsts for aftermarket coils and copy cats sprouted up everywhere trying to copy our brand and range. Super Spark have been selling successfully in every Autobarn in australia and almost every country in the world for around 10 yrs.

In recent years Forefront Industries has focused on the 4x4 industry and during the last few years have designed a range of high flow aftermarket turbos and a range of aftermarket intercooler and piping kits. The main motivation was to offer a product to replace poor factory designs and offer a better range of options at better prices.

Forefront Industries is also hired by other companies to design and manufacture various products in a range of different industries , we can bring a product idea or drawing to life with a fully functioning saleable product.

All of Forefront Industries products are designed and tested in Australia. 

We were the first company in the world to produce the following parts only to be later copied by other companies.

- Aftermarket Ignition coil for 1jz and 2jz Motors

- Aftermarket Direct fit Intercooler for NP300

- Full Welded bolt in Intercooler for Hilux D4d

- No holes D22 Zd30 Intercooler kit 

- Dual Oring seal design for both D40 v6 and NP300 Intercooler piping.

- Bolt in D22 yd25 intercooler upgrade

- D22 yd25 aftermarket billet high flow turbo.

- D22 zd30 billet turbo replacement

- Np300 intercooler piping upgrade

- MQ MR Pajero Sport inercooler hose upgrade

- Alloy Direct hot side pipe for 3.2 ranger and BT50

- Ppgraded intake pipe designs for ranger, bt50 and navara 

- Holden Colorado alloy intercooler piping upgrade.

-D40 140kw complete hot side kit to delete the "clip connector"

- First Triton 2.5L and 3.2L alloy intercooler piping kit

and many more.